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Your Gateway to Contactless, Automated Receipts

Join the Shubox community and transform the way you handle receipts. Enjoy automated data entry, seamless export options, and instant notifications for secure, hassle-free transactions. Perfect for individuals seeking efficiency in their financial management.

Streamline Your Receipts with Ease

Our system integrates smoothly with your existing setup, ensuring a seamless transaction process. Ideal for businesses looking to modernize and streamline operations.

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Integrate Shoe Box to offer a secure, efficient receipt solution. Enhance your service portfolio and stand out in the market.

Advance Your POS with Shubox

Ready to Simplify Receipts and Elevate Efficiency with Shoe Box?

Dive into the origin of Shubox, where we blend innovation with simplicity. Our venture is fueled by the ambition to redefine how receipts are managed, offering a paperless, effortless, and eco-conscious solution. Shubox isn't just an application; it's a pathway to streamlined financial dealings for businesses and individuals alike. Step into the future with us and be a part of this transformative movement.


With advanced encryption, Shubox keeps your financial data secure and private.

Enhanced Security

Track your receipts and transactions in real-time, ensuring up-to-date financial management.

Real-Time Tracking

Easily integrate Shubox with existing systems for a smooth transition to digital receipt management.

Seamless Integration

Organize your receipts with customizable categories for better financial clarity and control.

Customizable Categories

Join our mission to reduce paper waste, embracing a more sustainable way of handling receipts.

Eco-Conscious Approach

Easily export your data in various formats like Excel, CSV, or PDF, simplifying tax preparation and financial reporting.

Efficient Export Options



Simplify Your Finances

Experience the ease of managing personal expenses with Shoe Box. Automatically categorize transactions, access digital receipts anytime, and simplify tax preparation – all in one secure app.

Streamline Your Operations

Transform your business with Shoe Box. Reduce queue times, cut down on paper costs, and offer a modern, contactless transaction experience. Integrate effortlessly with your POS systems for seamless operation.

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